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    Default lwjgl help PLEASE!

    hello my name is Brandon

    Im having a little trouble with java lwjgl every time i try to use
    java -Djava.library.path= lwjgl.jar or useing the directory it is in
    and the directory it is in plus the name same with the .dll files
    and without the = sign

    and it always replys with "Error: could not find or load main class lwjgl.class"

    can any one help or just correct me on what im doing wrong i would realy
    like to start on development as soon as possible

    ThankYou so much

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    Default Re: lwjgl help PLEASE!

    Read the tutorial that relates to your setup:
    Main Page - LWJGL
    Under the getting started Box, choose your tutorial. If you are running into errors, it is likely you have not correctly set up LWJGL.

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