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Thread: Try... Catch?

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    Default Try... Catch?

    Consider this block of code:

    Try {

    Divide d = new Divide;
    int result = d.div (5,0);


    Catch (Exception e )
    System.out.println ( e.getMessage( ) );

    In this code, 10 will be divided by 0, which will surely yield an error.

    My question would be:
    What is the "e" in the parenthesis that following the Catch keyword?

    2, Just WHAT error would be passed to WHOM?
    Will the error-dealing mechanism actually know what error it is in some more complicated situation, e.g. reading a file, then there won't be just one error, there could be disk suddenly removed, other program is using that file, no such file etc etc.

    To rephrase my 2nd cluster of question and make it clearer:

    Does the catch key word actually enables a mechanism that try to deal with a detailed error, or it just deal with an error, it doesn't care what it is?

    If it does deal with a detailed one, how?

    Posting tutorial links is also welcomed.

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    Default Re: Try... Catch?

    You might want to read this: Lesson: Exceptions (The Java™ Tutorials > Essential Classes)
    And for future reference, bookmark this The Really Big Index
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    Default Re: Try... Catch?

    how to write?
    please help me.

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    Default Re: Try... Catch?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nikhilkumr View Post
    how to write?
    please help me.
    First locate a pen or pencil. A pen or pencil is a pointy cylindrical shaped device. Put the pen or pencil between your thumb and index finger; keep the pointy side downwards because if you keep the pointy side in an upward position (while holding the pen or pencil between your thumb and index finger) and you have to sneeze, the consequences may be horrible. Put a piece of paper in a horizontal position, just underneath the pointy side of the pen or pencil. A table is an ideal support for this configuration. Now start moving your hand (the one holding the pen or pencil) in a slow motion from left to right while you make littly wiggly movements with your thumb and index finger. When the pointy side of the pen or pencil is going to scratch the surface of the table, move your hand (and pen or pencil) to the left side of the paper again.

    Glad to have helped.

    kind regards,

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