I've been trying to make a signed applet to escape the restrictions on unsigned applets.
Found a site that explains the steps quite nicely:

Chapter 10: Signed Applets

Though there are a few problems I come across:

- so I wanna make a .jar file and put my applet inside of it. But the above site only adds one element into the jar-file. Thus I am wondering to what extend I should add content into the .jar-file? I presume that I should add EVERYTHING into the jar-file? (JPanels,JApplet,images and so on)

- The above link says that I should generate a serial key. Alls well, but is this really necessary? And I have no idea how to implement this in an <APPLET> in HTML code..

- How to implement a .jar in a website??? same way as a .class-file?

Thnx in advance,