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Thread: click function

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    Question click function

    Dear forum users,

    I got an litle problem which i cant resolve myself. I tried severale things but all failed. its about the following:

    I fot an div #hidearrow in my another div #infobox that should fade the #infobox. And this does work in the following mather:

    XML Code:
    <div id="hidearrow" onclick='$("#infobox").fadeOut("slow");'></div>
    But now i dont want the click function inline but outline. I tried this as followed:

    in the body:

    XML Code:
    <div id="hidearrow"></div>
    in the head:

    Java Code:
    		$("#hidearrow").click(function() {
    But this isn't working. And i hope you guys/girls know what i did wrong.

    Kind regards,


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    Default Re: click function

    java != javascript. These are java might try your luck on javascript dedicated forum.

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