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    Post How to add characters that have integers stored in them

    Write a Java program that may be part of a game, scoring points for words. It should:
    1. Ask the user to type in a word, using a JOptionPane.showInputDialog().
    2. Look at each letter in the word and add up the points for each letter. The points for letters are:
    a. Vowels (a‟, e‟, i‟, o‟ and u‟) are valued at zero.
    b. The letters x‟ and q‟ are valued at 5.
    c. All other letters are valued at 1.
    d. Anything not a letter should be ignored.
    e. Upper case and lower case letters count the same.
    3. Using a JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(), display the word and the score.
    4. Repeat this process until the user types the word "Stop

    Java Code:
    import javax.swing.*;
    public class Project0 {
    	public static void main(String[] args) {
    	String insertWord;
    	int sum=0;
    	// This line asks the user for input 
    	insertWord = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null,"Type in a Word: " );
    	char a,A,e,E,I,i,O,o,U,u=0;
    	char x,X,q,Q=5;
    	char b,B,C,c,D,d,F,f,G,g,H,h,J,j,K,k,L,l,m,M,N,n,P,p,R,r,S,s,T,t,V,v,W,w,y,Y,Z,z=1;
    	//Count letters in word
    	for(int ia = 0; ia<insertWord.length(); ia++){
    		if(Character.isLetter(insertWord.charAt(ia))) sum++;{
    			System.out.println("There are: " + sum + " sum");
    This is what i have so far, it counts the letters inputed by the user instead of the stored number of the character, i need help fixing this problem thank you

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    Default Re: How to add characters that have integers stored in them

    Your code only counts the number of letters the user inputs, as you said. You want to test EACH letter and then depending on the letter, add 0,5 or 1 to 'sum'.

    Java Code:
    for(int ia = 0; ia<insertWord.length(); ia++){
    if (input == a ||e ||i ||o ||u)
            sum += 0;
    if (input == "x" ||"q")
            sum += 5;
    if input == a || b || c ||etc.)
            sum += 1;

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