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    Default Help with two arrays

    Im having major problems with java. I have to have a program that reads name and numbers into two arrays of Strings. Then the program will print out the two arrays in a meaningful way. Then the program will set up a loop and inside the loop, the program will print out a menu as follow.

    1. Check a name
    2. Check a number
    3. Change a name
    4. Change a number
    5. Add a name and a number
    6. Print all names and numbers
    7. Quit

    Please if someone could HELP ME!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Help with two arrays

    And your question/approach is? .....

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    Default Re: Help with two arrays

    I moved this thread to the New To Java forum, because there is nothing advanced about it. @OP: show us what you have tried and where you got stuck; this is not a homework service.

    kind regards,

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