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    Default What is "reference"? Am I understanding it correct by smiplifying it this way?

    If you use a class like this (BTW I do not know if this kinda usage is legal in java, as point is sorta a instantiated class, or in other words, an object, you can pass an object as parameter of a method, right?)

    Public void moveToNewLoc (point point, int xLoc, int yLoc ) {//method body}

    The textbook tells ya when you pass an object or a class name as parameter or argument (again, can you? Much gratitude if you can tell me), what really has been passed, is a "reference", so, can I understand it this way: it is something very similar to the "pointer" in C, the "reference" is some thingy that contains the address of the memory OF the JVM.

    Am I right, or I completely missed the target?

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    Default Re: What is "reference"? Am I understanding it correct by smiplifying it this way?

    Pretty much yes. The method declaration
    Java Code:
    public void moveToNewLoc(Point point, int xLoc, int yLoc){...}
    Tells the method it takes a point object. When you pass an actual point in:
    Java Code:
    object.moveToNewLoc(p1, 10, 20);
    the method is being called on a reference to the object. The statement
    Java Code:
    Point p1 = new Point(10, 450);
    Does three things:
    1. Create a reference named p1
    2. Initialize a Point object on the heap
    3. Link the reference to the object on the heap

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