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    Default Why eclipse is more popular?

    Since I'm a beginner, I'd say netbeans is much more newbie-friendly.

    I did not do any configuration in order to write some small program inside the netbean, while it somehow took a long time for me to configure eclipse, as it keeps telling me installing this, missing that.

    But Android released a sdk as an addon for eclipse, where as a lot gurus say they prefer eclipse, why?

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    Default Re: Why eclipse is more popular?

    Why eclipse? Maybe eclipse lets you more focus on programming in details which is a very good programming practice unlike NetBeans lets you just design the GUIs by just drag and drop it into your design window and automatically adding the codes of it into your source code.

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    Default Re: Why eclipse is more popular?

    Programming is much more than clicking and dragging user interfaces together; that's exactly why people, who don't know what they're talking about, like Netbeans; they think it is 'easier' to click, drag and drop their sloppy GUI code and visual objects, without knowing how the stuff really works en what they''re doing. They don't even read Netbeans' user manual ;-) When it comes to Java programming, Netbeans and Eclipse don't differ much, but realize that what can be used by monkeys, will only be used by monkeys.

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    Default Re: Why eclipse is more popular?

    I found the post by 'andie12serador' quite funny as I personally prefer netbeans as I have been using it every day for over 6 years. In that time I have not once used the drag and drop functionality and I use it purely like any other IDE such as JBuilder\Eclipse. In fact I have never actually written a program using swing or awt...

    Netbeans also has a whole host of add ons available to enable support for such things as jstl, php and javascript and personally I dont see a major difference between netbeans and eclipse.

    A number of my colleagues prefer eclipse and use that solely for their development, the only thing that springs to mind (which I cant confirm as I dont personally use it) is that Eclipse rebuilds the entire project when you compile a file which can be quite annoying.

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