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    Default Returning location instead of value?

    I created a Function class, with a method Add that can add two fractions together. The problem is that instead of getting a value when added together, I get the reference location(I think). I know this is probably something simple, but please let me know what I'm doing wrong!

    Here is my Fraction class:

    Java Code:
    public class Fraction
       private int n, d;
       public Fraction(int n, int d) {
    public Fraction add(Fraction other)
          int n,d;
          n = (this.n*other.d) + (this.d+other.n);
          d = (this.d*other.d);
          return new Fraction(n,d);
    Here is my test method:
    Java Code:
    public static void testAdd()
          Fraction f1, f2, f3;
          f1 = new Fraction(1,4);
          f2 = new Fraction(1,2);
          f3 = new Fraction(3,4);
          if (f1.add(f2) != f3)
             System.out.println("Error in testAdd: Expected 3/4, found: " + f2.add(f1));
    Error in testAdd: Expected 3/4, found: Fraction@4e82701e

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    Default Re: Returning location instead of value?

    The reason you're getting the reference location is that you haven't overridden toString(), which by default returns a string representing the location.

    Also, consider that it's trying to calculate the denominator by multiplying 4 by 2, which isn't what you intend.

    Edit: You need to define an equals() method instead of using == and != to compare equality. Again, that compares by reference.

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