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    Default Filereader finding specific characters

    I need to use a filereader to read from a text file that has a format like:

    .I 1
    .I 2

    I need the filereader to recognize when it sees a ".I" and then save the number immediately following it on the same line onto a variable, then after that recognize a ".T" and save all text in the following line into another variable and then after that recognize ".W" and save all lines of text after that up until the next ".I" and keep repeating the process until the file is done

    I'm trying to get it top stop at certain points but it doesn't work

    Java Code:
    try {
    	    BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("cacm.all"));
    	    String str;
    	    while ((str = in.readLine()) != ".T") {
    	} catch (IOException e) {
    I don't know how to get it work.

    Also is bufferedReader the best choice for this or is there something else better?

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    Default Re: Filereader finding specific characters

    Use String#contain(); for compare string. and don't use ==. It is not correct.
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    Default Re: Filereader finding specific characters

    Separate the reading of the String from the testing of the String's value. Make it be two statements so that you can make all the tests of the String that you need to do.
    First read the String into a variable.
    Then make the tests of the String's contents

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