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    Default Import packages in JSP

    I am working in JSP (NetBeans 7.0.1), and need to import a utility that I have created ( within a source package I created). I have the Import statement set up, but there's still something not working. In order to call a method from my utility, I need to pre-append the class name.

    Here are two examples (in a snippet of the code). The first line here is the import statement. In the first case (daysInMonth), I am not pre-appending, and the compiler doesn't like it. In the second (dayOfWeek), I do pre-append the class, and everything seems to be okay. If I add CalHelp. to the daysInMonth method call, it works fine too.

    Anyone have any thoughts on what I am doing wrong, that I need to pre-append the class name on my method calls?

    Java Code:
            <%@ page import="CalUtils.CalHelp" %>   
              ... more code here ...
                int monthDays = daysInMonth(mm, yy);
                int blankDays = CalHelp.dayOfWeek(mm, 1, yy);
              ... more code here ...

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    Default Re: Import packages in JSP

    It's no different to normal Java code (since that is what it is).
    You still need to give it the class name.
    Java Code:
    import java.util.Math; // Note this is for the purposes of the example and you would not need this.
    public class MyClass {
        public double someMethod() {
            return Math.ceil(someDouble);

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