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    Lightbulb Multiple if statements

    I am a new Java user. I have just about 1 or 2 weeks of experience, but I really enjoy tweaking with Java programming with the little knowledge I have.
    I decided to make a name Pig Latinizer, but despite my efforts I haven't met certain goals I am trying to achieve.

    Now I understand that their are probably many loopholes for invalid input (Like a name that contains a invalid characters sandwiched between vowels and consonants) but I do want to make it as sturdy as possible without going to complex (like some of the pig latin programs Ive googled to try and find these answers)

    My issue are
    1) attempting to eliminate multiple if statements
    2) continuing the program after I Print "invalid"
    3) and adding a more thorough check for invalid character
    4) Suggestions on how to use this process for multiple words

    The code is as follows (shortened):

    final String vowel = "aeiou";
    final String consenant = "bcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxyz";

    System.out.println("Enter your name: ");
    yourname = keyboard.nextLine();
    int length = yourname.length();
    char begin = yourname.charAt(0);
    char begin2 = yourname.charAt(1);

    if(consenant.indexOf(yourname) == -1 || vowel.indexOf(yourname) == -1)
    System.out.println("Invalid! Please enter a valid name:");
    yourname = keyboard.nextLine();

    if (consenant.indexOf(begin) != -1 && consenant.indexOf(begin2) == -1)
    pigname = yourname.substring(1,length);

    if (consenant.indexOf(begin) != -1 && consenant.indexOf(begin2) != -1)
    pigname = yourname.substring(2,length);

    if (vowel.indexOf(begin) != -1)
    pigname = yourname+"way";

    I am making this for learning purposes so please try and not give my answers that are too complex, if they cannot be explained for me to understand

    Much appreciation,
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    Default Re: Multiple if statements

    Won't consenant.indexOf(yourname) only return a positive value if yourname consists entirely of consecutive consonants?

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    Default Re: Multiple if statements

    I thought the same thing
    But it seems to run fine O.o

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