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    Default noob question. plz help tho!

    being very new to java, im just working on a few easy projects, and was wondering if i could get some advice.

    im supposed to declare an array in the main function and this is what i said:

    double[ ] ar1 = new double[10];

    an array that takes on double numbers. But what i don't know how to do is to refer to it in the methods of the class.

    this is the method which i am trying to refer to the array in:

    public void start(){
    current = ar1[0];

    im just trying to create a current variable that keeps track of obviously the current element in the array.

    how would i go about doing so please help me im DYING OVER HERE :(

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    Default Re: noob question. plz help tho!

    If that array is declared in the main method, then it is only visible inside of the main method and no where else. If you want the start method to act on it, consider changing start so it will allow you to pass in an array parameter. Also, if you're calling start from inside of the static main method, does start need to be static too?

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    Default Re: noob question. plz help tho!

    Java Code:
    public static void(double [] ar){
         for(int k=0;k<ar.length;k++){
              do here what ever you want;
    Read Fubarable replay also.

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