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Thread: Hi guys! Noob question...

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    Default Hi guys! Noob question...

    Hi all!

    I'm pretty much just starting out in Java and am a bit confused by a piece of homework I have. Would appreciate pointers as to where I can look.

    I have a .txt file containing 300 Greek heroes/gods etc. I need to search the strings for any name which has the first 3 letters, repeated after the prefix.

    The only 2 right answers are Phosphor and Tartarus.

    I've tried various different methods but if I try to select a substring (0,3) it tells me it's out of index range? I'm assuming that's because there is 1 name with 2 letters.

    I'm at a complete loss right now. And I don't even know what to search for in Google! lol!

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    Default Re: Hi guys! Noob question...

    Write a method that tests a single String for the condition you're checking. Get that working. Then write a different method that reads in a file and returns a List of Strings. Then call the first method with each String in that List.

    If you get stuck on the first method, write an SSCCE that demonstrates what you're doing.
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