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    Default Loop-y Blah

    Say I need to type in my name - letter by letter, and then concatenate the input to form the whole name. All the while I am checking for numbers and marking for errors.

    So for my first name, entered in as a string I have it down pat and it seems to be working fine. but i can't figure out how to have each letter entered in and then join them together

    Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(;
    System.out.println("What is your first name?");
    firstName = keyboard.nextLine();
    for(i=0; i<firstName.length();i++)
    if (!(ch>=65 && ch <=90))
    if(!(ch>=97 && ch<=122))
    System.out.println("You've entered in an invalid name");
    System.out.println("Enter in your last name, letter by letter");

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    Default Re: Loop-y Blah

    If you have a valid firstName and a valid lastName you can join the two together as follows:

    Java Code:
    String firstName= ...;
    String lastName= ...;
    String completeName= firstName+" "+lastName;
    But your question raises another question: what are those numbers 65, 90, 97 and 122 doing in your code?

    kind regards,

    Build a wall around Donald Trump; I'll pay for it.

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    Default Re: Loop-y Blah

    Thanks for the reply, what I need to do though is enter in my last name, character by character

    s (enter)
    i (enter)
    and so on

    and then add all the letters together to form the whole last name.

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