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    Default how can i make my main class to wait for JFrame to return something

    I have 3 classes, 1 for abstract(named Voter) ,1 for the gui components(named LayOut) and 1 for main(named Election).

    On my main I created an object of the gui class and set the visibility to true and the usual stuffs.

    but the problem is, on my main I have a JOptionPane code after my gui stuff and every time the Jframe runs, the main continues to execute the next code after the gui (JFame), which is the JOptionPane. I want the JOptionPane to wait for the JFrame's submit button to be clicked before it executes.

    here is the pic how can i make my main class to wait for JFrame to return something-capture.jpg
    the JFrame and the JOptionPane runs at the same time

    I try having a statement on my submit button's actionlistener that says Voter.setEndGui(true);(The initial value of this is false)

    and in my main i put an if statement before the JOptionpane stuffs. so the main will not immediately read them on runtime, it must wait for the submit button to be click and validate if Voter.isEndGui()==true;

    if(Voter.isEndGui()==true){//like this
    //JOptionPane stuff here


    but that never worked, when i put an if statement before JOptionPane, it never executes even though the condition on the if statement became true because the user clicked the submit button;

    This is my code snippet on my main class
    Java Code:
    else {
    			// GUI components
    			LayOut gui = new LayOut();
    			gui.setSize(648, 590);
    		Object obj1 = "Continue or Exit? \n\n";
    		Object stringArray1[] = { "Continue", "Exit" };
    		if (JOptionPane.showOptionDialog(null, obj1,
    		"Continue or Exit",
    		JOptionPane.QUESTION_MESSAGE, null,
    		stringArray1, obj1) == JOptionPane.YES_OPTION) {

    here is the actionlistener for the submit button in my JFrame

    Java Code:
    private class SubmHandler implements ActionListener {
    		public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent arg0) {
    				JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "You Have Selected More than 5 Senators, Please Choose Only 5");
    				JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Thank you For Voting");
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    Default Re: how can i make my main class to wait for JFrame to return something

    Welcome to the world of event-driven programming. If you want your code to respond to the closing of a JFrame, then one way to solve this is to listen to that event, and this can be done with a WindowListener.

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    Default Re: how can i make my main class to wait for JFrame to return something

    I have trouble understanding the purpose of the option pane.

    If it is to confirm clicking on the "Submit" button, then the option pane should be displayed when the "Submit" button is clicked.

    If it is to confirm closing of the JFrame then you can check out Closing an Application Java Tips Weblog which explains Fubarable's suggestion in more detail and provides an alternate solution.

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