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    Default Converting String to Double

    Hi All,
    Can any one help me.When I converting String to long ,It shwoing Exponent value and throwing numberformat exception.
    I want out put like this 99998900001.00.
    I have given input like this 99998900001.00.

    String stotal=request.getParameter("amt");
    sop( stotal);
    long damount=Long.parseLong(stotal);
    sop( damount);

    stotal= 99998900001.00
    throw numberformateexception
    damount = 9.9998900001E10
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    By default in java, any number with a decimal in it is considered/read/treated as a double data type. To get this into a long data type you would have to cast it to a long. But then you won't get it to print out as a double, ie, with two decimal places.
    Java Code:
    public class Test {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            String stotal = "99998900001.00";
            // NumberFormatException
    //        long error = Long.parseLong(stotal);
            double okay = Double.parseDouble(stotal);
            System.out.printf("okay = %.2f%n", okay);
            long toLong = (long)okay;
            long again = Double.valueOf(stotal).longValue();
            System.out.printf("toLong = %d  again = %d%n",
                               toLong, again);

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