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    Default Help with a method

    I have been assigned to code a clear cell game, and am stuck on a method.
    Java Code:
    	 * This method will turn to BoardCell.EMPTY any cells immediately surrounding the
    	 * cell at position [rowIndex][colIndex] if and only if those surrounding 
    	 * cells have the same color as the selected cell.  The selected cell will
    	 * also be turned into a BoardCell.EMPTY.  If after processing the surrounding
    	 * cells any rows in the board are empty then those rows will collapse, moving non-empty
    	 * rows upward. If [rowIndex][colIndex] corresponds to an empty cell no 
    	 * action will take place. 
    	 * @throws IllegalArgumentException with message "Invalid row index" for invalid row
    	 * or "Invalid column index" for invalid column.  We check for row validity first.
    And from that I have interpreted it thusly:
    Java Code:
    if (board[rowIndex][colIndex] != BoardCell.EMPTY){
    			if (rowIndex >= board.length){
    				throw new IllegalArgumentException("Invalid row index");
    			if (colIndex >= board[0].length){
    				throw new IllegalArgumentException("Invalid column index");
    if (colIndex-1 >= 0){
    				if (board[rowIndex][colIndex-1] == board[rowIndex][colIndex]){
    					board[rowIndex][colIndex-1] = BoardCell.EMPTY;
    			if (colIndex+1 >= 0 && colIndex+1 < board[0].length){
    				if (board[rowIndex][colIndex+1] == board[rowIndex][colIndex]){
    					board[rowIndex][colIndex+1] = BoardCell.EMPTY;
    if (rowIndex-1 >= 0 && rowIndex-1 < board.length){
    				if (board[rowIndex-1][colIndex] == board[rowIndex][colIndex]){
    					board[rowIndex-1][colIndex] = BoardCell.EMPTY;
    			if (rowIndex+1 >= 0 && rowIndex+1 < board.length){
    				if (board[rowIndex+1][colIndex] == board[rowIndex][colIndex]){
    					board[rowIndex+1][colIndex] = BoardCell.EMPTY;
    I'm lost after that :/, especially the collapsing aspect.



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    Default Re: Help with a method

    I can not easily see the alignment of the statement with the opening { and the ending } in your code.
    That makes it very hard to read and understand your code.

    I'm lost after that :/, especially the collapsing aspect.
    Where are you lost? What part is done and what part is needs work?
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