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Thread: instance of an object

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    Default instance of an object

    Hi I can't figure out whats the difference of an instance that his data type is another class/superclass like this:

    Example 1. List a = new ArrayList() versus ArrayList a = new ArrayList()
    Example 2. SuperclassA a = new subclassA() versus subclassA a = new subclassA

    Whats the difference and when should I use one of each?

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    Default Re: instance of an object


    If you use

    Java Code:
    SuperType a = new SubTypeA();
    Later you can easily change this to new SubTypeB() without having to change much code.

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    Default Re: instance of an object

    I would prefer to show the difference with another example:
    Let`s say you use everywhere ArrayList instead of List, in methods too, perhaps even in several different classes, because you want to inject your list to another objects and so on. And after a few tests you realize that the ArrayList implementation is not the correct one and you want to replace it with the LinkedList as an example, then you have to change every line, every method signature and so on!

    right because you have to change only the line of the instantiation (see Fubarable) :
    public void foo(List<?> list){

    not so good, because you have to change the arraylist here and the line with the instantiation:
    public void foo(ArrayList<?> list){

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    Default Re: instance of an object

    This is otherwise known as "coding to/against interfaces".
    Here's a (slightly old) article from Java World on the concepts.

    Newer advantages come int he area of testing, if you use something like Spring, whereby you can easily swap an implementation of your (say) database interaction interface for a dummy one so you can do unit tests on some code without actually requiring a database.
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