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    Default Why is the System Path wrong

    Hi there.

    I am totaly new at Java.

    We have an application that we had problems with installing. It turns out this program needs java 1.6 and on the computer java 1.4 was installed. The thing is, the program is supposed to install 1.6 it self and it did but after that the application crashed and it took a long time for us to find out that it was the System Path to 1.6 that was not set, only the system path 1.4. So we have the problme fixed, you only have to change the path to get the application to start. BUT, why is this happening?

    This application is to be installed on several computers, and to somewhat proactive we need to know why this is happening?

    The System path of java 1.4 was a bit starge looking also.

    Is there anyone who have an Idea on what is the reason for this?


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    Default Re: Why is the System Path wrong

    Java 1.4 has bee EOL for a long time. The path you posted indicates that the IBM JRE was intalled, not the one from Sun.

    Do you have a problem with uninstalling the old obsolete runtime?


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    Default Re: Why is the System Path wrong

    hi db.

    Well tha Application tries to install 1.6 and I guess that there is an autounistallation happening to, that is unsuccessfull.

    I cannot find a way to manually uninstall the Java 1.4 (IBM). We tried one thing and that was to rename the IBMJRE folder to IBMJRE_OLD and delete the system path to the 1.4 Java. After that the application installed. Mather of fact it is not the installation in it self that crashed it is when the installation is complete and the application tries to start that it crashes. I gues that is because the systempath is pointing at 1.4 JAva (IBM).

    I shall try to contact IBM and see what they can give me.

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