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    Default multiplying two objects

    Thers a class called BigInt and it has a size and digit. size is the number of digits in the integer that is entered and digit is an array that holds the integer.

    I have to write a method that multiplies them. I tried using two for loops to go through each index and multiply them. I think one of my problems is that im storing the product too soon or just wrong.

    any help or a push in the right direction would be appreciated.

    this is what i have so far

    Java Code:
    	// multiply two BigInts 
       public BigInt times(BigInt other) 
    		//Declare i and initialize carry
    		int i,j, temp;
    		int carry = 0;
    		//create product object 
       	BigInt product = new BigInt();
    		//set size of product
    		product.size = this.size + other.size;
    		//Loops to run through elements of array and multiply
    		for(i = this.size; i >= 0; i--)
    			for(j = other.size; j >= 0; j--)
    				temp = this.digit[i] * other.digit[j];
    				product.digit[i+j] = temp % 10;
    				carry = temp / 10; 
    			System.out.println(i + " Temp is " + temp);
    			System.out.println("sum.digit[" + i +"] is " + product.digit[i]);
    		return product;

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    Default Re: multiplying two objects

    cross-posted: arrays - Java multiplying two BigInt objects - Stack Overflow

    You were warned before about not cross-posting without notification, and yet you seemed to have completely ignored this request as well as all the replies (never replied to them) to your previous question a few weeks back. This is not a good way to start out here.

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    Default Re: multiplying two objects

    theyre the same?

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