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    Default hello every body

    hi i need help of all please,
    i am new with java, i have problem with it. i used java with my project (power system security analysis using grid computing) that i have to use two software (interpss v1.4.04 &grid gain v1.6.1) i have make combine between them by java.the problem is error message that i got when i used (test java compile). the message is
    {javac:directory not found:java/classes/
    usage:javac<options> <source files>}. my os is win7 64bite
    so please help my to solve my problem.
    thanks a lot
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    Default Re: hello every body

    Are you using the command prompt console to compile?
    What command are you using to get that error message?
    Can you copy and post the contents of the command prompt window here?

    To copy the contents of the command prompt window:
    Click on Icon in upper left corner
    Select Edit
    Select 'Select All' - The selection will show
    Click in upper left again
    Select Edit and click 'Copy'

    Paste here.

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