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    Default jasperreports API

    I'd managed to find something about jasperreports and eventually made the template, however I found problem finding the API for this.
    As what I read, I went to
    JasperReports Library | Download JasperReports Library software for free at
    and download the jar file, but somehow I can't write down the code...

    JasperFillManager.fillReportToFile("reports/DbReport.jasper", new HashMap(), con);

    It seems as if there's no jar to import for this (import net.sf.....), usually I can see options when I type down the dot but this time it's as if net. isn't there.
    I even re-check many times that it's specified in the external jar of the eclipse build path.

    FYI, the file is :, so I wonder if it's not the right jar for this, and if so where to get the jar that I need, but if it is the file, please let me know how to get this right.

    Thanks in advance,
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