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    Default getResourceAsStream

    can you help me which method should i used to load all the files from a directory instead of one file. i need all files to be loaded

    InputStream is1 = Compare.class.getResourceAsStream(F1);
    Properties prop = new Properties();

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    Default Re: getResourceAsStream

    You would probably need to create a File object representing the directory and then use whatever the method is that lists the files in it...possibly called listFiles().

    Unless this is in a jar file?

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    Default Re: getResourceAsStream

    load all the files from a directory instead of one file.
    Are you asking how to use the Properties class's load method to read all of the files in a directory (all properties files I assume) and merge them into one instance of the Properties class?
    One way to do it would be to extend the InputStream class and have that class read the contents of all the files and return them to the load() method.

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