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    Default Event.observe problem

    hello, im trying to change a label(id="label") css, by chaging its class, when the user starts typing in another input text box(id=textbox"),
    the script i wrote is this:

    Event.observe( window, 'load', function() {
    var input = document.getElementByid( 'textbox' );
    var label=document.getelementbyid('subtext');
    if (input.value!='')
    if (input.value=='')

    what is wrong with it? why its not working?
    in the chrom browser i got the following notice:
    object function event(){[native code]} has no method 'observe'

    thank u for helping!!
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    Default Re: Event.observe problem

    Is this javascript? You'll get better answers on a javascript forum.
    This is a java forum.

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