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    Default trouble using fractions

    Hi everyone
    I'm new to this forum and to java, and have a rather simple question:

    I want to use the fraction 1/12, but as an answere, i always get 0.0.

    for example:

    double a= 1/12;

    System.out.println("a= "+a);

    which will give me the result : a= 0.0;

    what can I do to use fractions correctly?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: trouble using fractions

    Raw integers (numbers without a decimal point) are considered ints- they are only whole numbers (0, 1, 76, -45), so you lose anything after the decimal point.

    Try to do it the other way: what happens when you divide a big number by a small number? Try 12/5, for example.

    One solution would be to use them as raw doubles (numbers with a decimal point). Try 1.0/12.0. You could also cast one (or both) of them:

    double a = ((double)1)/12

    When you mix a double and an int, the answer is considered a double.
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    Default Re: trouble using fractions

    Quote Originally Posted by KevinWorkman View Post
    When you mix a double and an int, the answer is considered a double.
    Initially, it's just a little fraction, but yes, it grows up to be a double.


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