I'm trying to generate a Julie Set Fractal However I get a fractal image, but it doesn't seem to correspond to what I would expect. The recursive julia function is at the bottom of this message.
I call it using this code
public void Calc() {
double dx;
double dy;
double dsx;
double dsy;

dsx = (double)SizeX;
dsy = (double)SizeY;
double Pixel_X_Size;
double Pixel_Y_Size;
Pixel_X_Size = (End_X-Start_X)/SizeX;
Pixel_Y_Size = (End_Y-Start_Y)/SizeY;
for (int x=1; x<SizeX;x++)
for (int y=1; y<SizeY;y++)
dx = (double)x;
dy = (double)y;
DataField[x][y] = Julia((x*Pixel_X_Size)+Start_X,(y*Pixel_Y_Size)+St art_Y,1,2,100,.75,.1);
public int Julia(double x, double y,int current, double BailOut,int iterations,double rp,double ip){
double xz;
double yz;
xz = x;
yz = y;
xz = xz*xz-yz*yz+rp;
yz = 2*xz*yz+ip;
if (Math.sqrt(xz*xz+yz*yz)>BailOut)
return(current); //red is 0, blue is 255
if (current > iterations)
return Julia(xz,yz,current+1,BailOut,iterations,rp,ip);