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    Default Validating user input

    I cant figure this out, it has to be incredibly simple. All I want to do is verify the users input. It seems easy, but no matter the input the if statment is always false.

    Java Code:
    class Cube {
    	  public static void main (String args[]) throws IOException {
    		  int x=2;
    		  System.out.println("Please enter test");
    		  BufferedReader dataIn= new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
    		  //while(x > 1){
    		  String move = dataIn.readLine();
    		  move = move.toUpperCase();
    		  if(move == "TEST"){// || move == "O"){
    			  System.out.println("You've entered an test");				  
    		  else {
    			  System.out.println("Not test");

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    Never use == to compare Strings or anyother Objects (unless you are testing for identity equality, which means testing that the variables refer to the same Object).

    Use the .equals(...) method.
    Java Code:
    if (move.equals("TEST")) { // or if ("TEST".equals(move))
    Also, your formatting could do with improvement. Read Code Conventions for the Java(TM) Programming Language: Contents


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