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    Default Invalid method declaration; return type required? Please Help!

    I am currenltly making a modification on a game and i have ran into this error please may u guys tell me what is wrong with my code?

    package net.minecraft.src;

    public class ItemPorkScratching extends Item
    private int healAmount;

    public ItemScratching(int i) {
    super (i);
    maxStackSize = 1;
    healAmount = 1.5;

    public int getHealAmount()
    return healAmount;

    public ItemStack onItemRightClick(ItemStack itemstack, World world, EntityPlayer entityplayer)
    return itemstack;

    It may be something really obvious but i am new to java so please help :)
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    The constructor name must be identical to the class name, otherwise the compiler thinks it's a method, and the form of a cosntructor is invalid for a method declaration.

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    Why are you declaring healAmount as an int and then assigning 1.5 to it?

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