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    Default Eclipse Debugger

    Hi guys,
    Can you please tell me the easiest and quickest way to have an overview of how your program behaves when run. I just want to have a quick view of variables, loops etc...

    Thank you
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    assuming you know eclipse well i will describe my quick way to debug variable without going into details:

    1. Go to Window -> Open perspective -> Debug
    2. Set a breakpoint at the first variable you want to see.
    3. Go to Run -> Dubug as -> Java Application
    4. The program starts an holds at your breakpoint
    5. Double click your variable, right click and choose Watch. One the code has run the statement your can see the values in the expressions window.
    6. Continue dubugging your code with F5 (step into) or f6 (step over) and do 5. for each variable you want to watch.

    for a simple watch to one variable i put this variable in a line of code with System.out.println(variable) at the appropriate place. btw, you will find a good tutorial about the eclipse debugger following my signature.
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