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    Default Searching array elements for keywords

    Hi I have a simple question and answer game which I am trying to improve. At the moment everything is working how I'd like functionality wise.

    I have 2 string arrays 'questions' and 'answers'. When the correct word is typed in exactly the same, it works. Here's my code:

    Java Code:
    import java.util.Scanner;
    public class MyProgram {
         public static void main(String[] args) {
    	 public static void arraysMethod() {
    	     String input;
    		 int tracker = 0;
             String[] questions = new String[11];
    		 questions[1] = "What is the largest continent?";
    		 questions[2] = "Which animal has black and white stripes?";
    		 questions[3] = "What is a skeleton made of?";
    		 questions[4] = "Where do bats live?";
    		 questions[5] = "Where does a king and queen live?";
    		 questions[6] = "What colour does a rainbow start with?";
    		 questions[7] = "What sport does Wayne Rooney play?";
    		 questions[8] = "What animal goes 'oink oink'?";
    		 questions[9] = "Which planet is the nearest to Earth?";
    		 questions[10] = "What colour is a banana?";
    		 String[] answers = new String[11];
    		 answers[1] = "asia";
    		 answers[2] = "zebra";
    		 answers[3] = "bone";
    		 answers[4] = "cave";
    		 answers[5] = "castle";
    		 answers[6] = "red";
    		 answers[7] = "football";
    		 answers[8] = "pig";
    		 answers[9] = "moon";
    		 answers[10] = "yellow";
    		 for (int x=1;x<=questions.length-1;x++) {
             Scanner scan = new Scanner(;
    		 input = scan.nextLine();
    		     if (input.equals(answers[x])) {
    		     else {
    		 System.out.println("You scored " + tracker + "/10.");
    Basically, when the user enters and extra letter, for instance in question 3, if the user enters 'bones' instead of 'bone' (the actual answer stored in the answers array), it tells them that is wrong. How could I search my answers array for keywords?

    I hope I have put my point across well and look forward to any feedback you may have.

    Thank you.

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    You could use the contains method. You may also be able to more easily write your code by creating some classes. for questions and answers. Which can have a question and a list of acceptable answers. If the user guesses one of the acceptable answers, he gets it correct; otherwise it's false.

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    That sounds much too complicated but in regards to the contains method, i'll look that up. Is it possible to store multiple keywords in an index, then use subString()?

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