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    Default I want to make a java text MUD

    Hi, I have a bunch of java books, but they all run from the command line. I wanted to make an online MUD, and eventually move into 2d graphics, but the first goal is to write "hello world" lol. But, my books do not show me how to make a java game in a web browser where it would have a chat window for the game, and connect to a database to remember who is doing what and saving games. Does anyone know what I need to learn to do this please?

    EDIT: It looks like I would be doing it with a Java Applet. It also looks like I would be connecting the java applet to the database. can I do that with mysql? please

    Hi Sunde887 I'm Back!

    also, if anyone knows of any books I might need that would be great. thanks

    I want to buy this book, but does it apply to making applets connect to the database please?
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    Generally an applet would communicate with a web server using "web services." (IE: XML over HTTP.) There are a number of libraries and tools for this sort of thing.

    The web server would communicate with its local database using JDBC, with quite possibly a library to help -- JPA (Java Persistence Architecture) or Hibernate, for example.

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