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Thread: Advise.. What to do when you have too much limited time for a project

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    Default Advise.. What to do when you have too much limited time for a project

    Was reading different threads and I just came across this thread
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    in which the op had asked about the best way to learn java and the Administrator at java forums told them to pick up a good project which needs the skills the op wants to learn, like himself learning them for years.

    Don't you have some software that you would like to have? You might also think that a software you are using lacking some functionality. I think you need motivation and you can obtain it by doing something you would like to do (e.g. a software you would like to have). For example, i am dying to start a Java project. I am at the end of my phd and can't work on it appropriately for years. When the time is up for phd, i will start developing it crazily :) For a few years, i am trying to learn related technologies (gwt,google app engine,rest etc.), approaches (continuous integration, scrum etc. ) and business concepts (marketing, forming a company, patenting etc.). There are lots of things to learn and i think the best way to learn them is by implementing a big project requiring them.

    If you can't find an idea, you can take a look at freelance web sites (e.g. RAC: rent a coder). I have used RAC for years (mainly as a project owner for many kinds of small projects.). There are many projects in different sizes there (there are also very small projects like homework). The good part of this is that you can earn some money while learning ;)

    What to do when you have to develop something in really a short period of time. I have got to do a project and all I know is that I am short of time, and I don't have enough time to properly learn many things and proceed in the way I would like to.What should I do now?
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    It seems to me that your problem is the opposite of the one discussed in that thread where the poster didn't have any lack of time but was wanting a project where he or she could put the ideas they were learning into practice.

    "I will learn a topic but will never actually get a chance to use the knowledge in a real program."


    I have got to do a project ... and I don't have enough time to properly learn many things
    This may sound harsh, but if you are need of something which you yourself can't do and can't feasibly learn: go to someone who can. If you need brain surgery, go to a brain surgeon; if you want to fly, use an aeroplane flown by a competent pilot. These people - surgeons, pilots etc - are competent precisely because they spent the time developing the skills that are required.


    You don't actually say but, perhaps "I have got to do a project" means that you are an aspiring programmer and the project is part of some assignment aimed at providing you with the skills and experience analogous to that of the surgeon or pilot. In that case you have to face the fact that there is no "royal road" to programming.

    The good news is that, in this case, the project does offer you the opportunity to spend the time necessary to learn the required skills. But is an opportunity and not something you "have got to do" as you state. It's a choice, a decision you have to make and which you are free to make.

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