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Thread: Help! Java Problem!!

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    Default Help! Java Problem!!

    I am trying to figure out the following problem and am having a difficult time getting the right script... I would greatly appreciate any help!

    Create a class called Faculty with fields for name (String), department (char), isTenured (boolean).

    This is a small university, so the only valid departments are History (‘H’), Music (‘M’), and Biology (‘B’). Be sure that your mutator methods allow only valid values to be assigned to the department field. For the mutator method assigning name and isTenured, you may assume that the user will always enter true or false. That is, you do not have to have code to check for other values. You do not need to submit your test class, but be sure to create one on your own to make sure it works—the grader certainly will!!

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    Please do not dump your homework assignment on us. Many here have finished school and we did all our assignments. We do not want to do yours too.

    Make an attempt at writing the code. When you get stuck post your code (use code tags), include error messages (full and exact) if you get them and ask a specific question.
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    I'm sure DePaul would love to know about this homework dump.

    Thread closed. If you have a valid question and need genuine help (not cheating on an assignment) start a new thread.


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