I'm a new be Delphi programmer going Java all out.
Objects easy stuff generally but I'm just using objects for these app's.

I using a windows server, and a number of Androids through a wireless network
I need to manage log on, two lists and a picture and peripheral data on the android devices.
I'm using Net beens JDK7 on windows, but get told to write on ellipse for androids correct?
The pictures are *.jif files that I was going to store in the database as a file name (Windows server).
How do I get the picture displayed onto the android as a application and control size to the needs of the android?
I take it, I use the persistence object to make the network link.
I certainly know about IP addresses but know little about Android devices. I'm thinking making an app with a file containing an IP address to locate the server and log on info for the android.
What is the best database to use on my server SQL 5.5 or is their one that holds pictures.
And does any database have an easy way to make file, table and fields from Java. So data base development can be done in java for the server?
I need to understand how to make a windows server for the Androids and the androids connect to the server as one unit?

Now thats a heap of questions all in one I know.

Any advice is welcome, and please say why.
Best regards,
Lex Dean