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    Default newbie to java

    I have just picked up java book by herbert schildt ---the complete reference. I know only C.
    My question is this book is huge... I mean a 1000 pages consisting of four sections. Those of you who have gone through this book what will you advise me... to go through the entire book? This book is on JSE. Can anyone explain whats the difference between JSE AND JEE and which will be useful from a job perspective and which book should I follow for JSE (other than herbert schildt) and also which book should I follow for JEE.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Check the link in my signature for book suggestions. I've heard very bad things from very intelligent people here about herb so I would be weary about his book. SE and EE have different libraries as far as I know and EE is used for different type of applications. I would suggest understanding SE well first though.

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