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    Default Return multiple values from array lookup?


    I have a small array (effectively 25 rows by about 6 columns), and I want to use a lookup function to return a subset of the array. (This is on a website).

    I have so far managed to return single entries from the array by entering a value for one of the 'column variables', but am stuck on progressing to the next step.

    Ideally I would have 6 drop down boxes, one for each of the columns, whereby a user could enter values into a couple of the boxes and return elements from the array which match the entered ranges.

    Is this fairly straightforward? If so could anyone give a skeleton of code?


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    You could just allocate an array, fill it, and then return the array.

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    It does rather look like you're using arrays to perform the task of a ListSelectionModel (yes I know that's a Swing class, but that's no reason it can't be used anywhere that values in a list need to be selected/unselected). And since you're talking about columns, maybe a RowSorter (yes, it also takes care of filtering) would provide desired functionality.


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