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Thread: Unable to input

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    Default Unable to input

    Java Code:
    			System.out.print("Amend item code: ");
    			String s1= input.nextLine();

    What do you want to amend?: 1
    Amend item code: -------------------------------------------------
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    As you can see, I am unable to input after Amend item code. It jumps straight to the next statement. Please help here.

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    You haven't really shown enough code. Just guessing, but very possibly the problem occurs when you set the value of ans. If input is an instance of Scanner and you call nextInt(), type "1" and press the enter key then you will get the integer one returned and the scanner stream will be left pointing just before the newline. A subsequent nextLine() will, therefore, return immediately with an empty string.

    You can test this with some debugging code:

    Java Code:
    String s1= input.nextLine();
    [color=green]System.out.println("About to set item code for \"" + s1 + "\"");[/color]
    The solution in such cases is to call nextLine() and disregard the returned string immediately after calling nextInt().

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    i think you need a for loop on it...

    this happened many times to me!

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