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    Default Java JDK/JRE 32/64 bit + picky program

    Hey all, sorry if this isn't really the right place to post this, I wasn't sure so I thought this would be a good option..

    Anyway, I'm trying to get Paros to run on my computer. It's a network monitoring tool. I have 64 bit win7, and the program won't run as is when I download it. I emailed the author, and he said that it uses some 32 bit java libraries, so I would need to have that installed too. Well I've downloaded anything that I can see on the java website that's labelled 32 bit, but the program still won't run.. I know it works, as I have successfully run the program on my other laptop which is 32bit win 7.

    Can anyone help me out with what I need to do in regard to java installations etc?


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    Ah, the continuing saga of the Windows 7 infancy. I run into all kinds of problems with 7; 32-bit XP is my weapon of choice. I didn't think Java packages or libraries were bit dependent, only the jdk and jre installs. I guess you learn something everyday. My only guess would be a problem with your Paros download, or your Windows installer.

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