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    Default How do I reach my goal?


    I am all new to Java - as a matter of fact I've just installed Eclipse on my computer.

    My goal is to create a program that does the following:

    A menu lists a number of sections. From the menu any section can be clicked. When clicked the section list a number of goods. A number can be added to any of the goods on the list. After assigning numbers to the goods some kind of "Done button" can be clicked. When the "Done button" is clicked it sorts the goods: the ones wich where given a number remains on the list and the ones not given a number disappers.

    I guess it is actually a counting machine?

    I have three quistions:

    How do I reach my goal?
    Where should I start?
    What is the most direct way to my goal?

    Greetings from Denmark

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    1.learn the basics and move your way up
    2. Start here: The Really Big Index
    3. There is no magic to it, just learn the syntax and logic, then apply what you have learned.

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