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Thread: Hey everyone~

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    Default Hey everyone~

    Hey guys i just kind of started learning to program ive been attempting to learn several languages and java is the only one so far that i even remotely started to understand. But the tutorials i found on the 100's of sites ive looked at didnt seem to help me understand what i was doing. For example when i was doing the first tutorial For printing "hello world" i felt like i was just copy and pasting and just getting a end result which didnt help me much is there a site or book that litterally breaks apart even the simplest code that would show me what things are doing in the code? In the code below i barely understand what each piece of code is doing which seems most tutorials dont completely describe. like they would say "public static void main(string[] args) does this and that" but they just leave it at that they dont explain what Public static void does or what (string[] args) is doing to contribute to the rest of the code. Im not sure if im just supposed to keep going through tutorials and hoping it just clicks eventually or if im just horribly bad at programming or even understanding it.

    class HelloWorldApp {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    System.out.println("Hello World!"); // Display the string.

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    The Oracle tutorials are a pretty good start point.
    Getting started is the place to begin (obviously).
    Since you've done the HelloWorld part, this is the page that explains all the stuff you've just written.

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    If you want to buy a book, Head First Java is a really good book too. Sunde has a blog page that he reviews a bunch of different books for Java.
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