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Thread: Arrays and passing values to methods help please.

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    No offense sunde (I do consider you one of the more intelligent people around here) but yes I would.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Junky View Post
    @ Rose
    I'm terribly sorry that your delicate sensitivities have been upset. However, if someone posts bad or incorrect information then more knowledgable people have a repsonsibilty to correct them. Those that are corrected should take that on board on learn to be a better programmer instead of getting their noses out of joint and arguing that they are correct. I myself have posted incorrect information in the past, have accepted the correction gracefully and now I am passing on my increased knowledge to others. If you do not like my attitude then don't stay.
    I agree that spoon-feeding is bad. I do not advocate it and don't think anyone should. And you letting the spoon-feeders know is absolutely the right thing to do. However, once you made your point and let them know of their mistake, why keep going at each other like this is a boxing match. You guys are very smart people and I can tell you that I learn so much from you lot. But going at each other over and over is not necessary no? This is one of the best Java forums out there why have all the learners read and filter out these arguments? I prefer more of your smart java tips and teachings and less of this hocus pocus :)


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