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    Hey Guys,

    I need some advice on the best way to learn java. I have purchased a lot of books on the Java Programming Language but some of them are sort of making me a little bored. Like I will learn a topic but will never actually get a chance to use the knowledge in a real program. For instance Linked Lists, what program can I write using them.

    And if any of you guys have any general opinions on the route of learning java, I am all ears!

    Tabish Chasmawala

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    Don't you have some software that you would like to have? You might also think that a software you are using lacking some functionality. I think you need motivation and you can obtain it by doing something you would like to do (e.g. a software you would like to have). For example, i am dying to start a Java project. I am at the end of my phd and can't work on it appropriately for years. When the time is up for phd, i will start developing it crazily :) For a few years, i am trying to learn related technologies (gwt,google app engine,rest etc.), approaches (continuous integration, scrum etc. ) and business concepts (marketing, forming a company, patenting etc.). There are lots of things to learn and i think the best way to learn them is by implementing a big project requiring them.

    If you can't find an idea, you can take a look at freelance web sites (e.g. RAC: rent a coder). I have used RAC for years (mainly as a project owner for many kinds of small projects.). There are many projects in different sizes there (there are also very small projects like homework). The good part of this is that you can earn some money while learning ;)
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