I am working on creating jfreechart, i want to solve the problem that setting the 'domainAxis'.

I want to fix the domain values gap, but my graph depend on a graph size. For example, it has to be setted up at an interval of 5minute. So i was trying to do like following souce code. but it had trouble with a interval. it's setted up at an interval of only 7 minute every hour.
plot.(subplot1, 1);
plot.(subplot2, 1);

DateAxis domainAxis = (DateAxis)plot.getDomainAxis()
domainAxis.setTickUnit(new DateTickUnit(DateTickUnit.Minute,10, new SimpleDateFormat("HH:MM")))
Jfreechart chart = new Chart(plot, width, height, info);

I am not good at English so you will have a difficulty to read this question.
hope to good answer