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    Default my first java project random words please help

    Hello..probably you will laugh when you will read my problem but i really am one novice in java..
    This is what i have to do:
    1)When launched, shows an input field to enter a sentence and a 'Process' button
    2)When 'Processed' button is pressed, the application shows the same sentence with the following modifications:
    The first and last letter of each word is kept the same.
    All other letters (if any) are randomly mixed
    3)The user can enter another sentence and start over
    i don't want to make you my project just explain where to read to do my project..
    i have done this and i understand it Hello, World | Android Developers
    i also know what i have to do with the alogiritm so as the letters to be mixed my biggest problem is that i don't know the java as please help me with the 1) for first

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    Give it a try and come back with any problems. The string class has some helpful methods(substring and charAt perhaps)

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    1)When launched, shows an input field to enter a sentence and a 'Process' button
    That will require some GUI components. The are plenty of small sample programs here.
    Search for JFrame or JTextField for some.

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    Before you even make it GUI, you should get it working without it. Write your class scrambler and make it scramble the words. Then write a test class that uses a scanner input to send your custom text to the scrambler class. After that works, make your GUI.

    I suggest looking at the String API, especially the split method. This will make your life much easier.
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