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    Default Update Jtable from Arraylist

    First I want to say "Hello" to all forum members..

    I have a problem...I have created an application that helps my dad manage his music CDs.
    My Problem is that i want to create a jtable that updates based on my Arraylist<Song>..

    This is what i have:

    My Song Class:
    Java Code:
    public class Song implements Serializable 
    	private String artist;
    	private String album;
    	private String track;
    	public Song(String artist,String album,String track)
    		this.artist = artist;
    		this.album = album;
    		this.track = track;
    I also have an ArrayList<Song> that i use to create my "CD".
    And i have a Jtable with collums {"Artist","Album","Track"}.

    I understand that i have to create a TableModel....can you please help me with that..:)


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    I'd start in the Tutorial and get examples there on how to use JTable and go from there.
    Go here:The Really Big Index
    and Search for Tables

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    For a jump start read the API documentation for the AbstractTableModel class; you have to extend it and you only have to implement three small methods. If you want your table to be updatable you have to implement a fourth small method; it's easy. But for a complete understanding of JTables and their TableModels do as Norm suggested.

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