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    Default Java Serial Port

    Hi everybody,
    I am very new in java and I am working on a java project that How to read and write data via serial port. I am using Window based operatin Systems. Please let me know Can I downloads Java Communication AP1 for window 7 64 or not. Please if some one have coding Idia where should I start.Please let me know I really appreciate.

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    You might start by moving this post to the correct thread. This thread is for classes that extend the Applet class.

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    Norm is right: this thread doesn't belong in the Applet section; and since you're new to Java I moved it here. To answer your question: you can only install a very old version of Sun's/Oracle's serial/parallel port communication API because it's discontinued (thanks to Microsoft's ever changing weak specifications). There is a (free) alternative: htttp:// give it a try.

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