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Thread: Exception-JFrame

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    Default Exception-JFrame


    public JFrame()
    throws HeadlessException

    then why dont we use try/catch blocks while creating a new jframe...?

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    Cross posted at Exception-JFrame

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    JavaRanch offer good advice about crossposting to other sites. Norm has posted a link from here to the other part of the dicussion and you might like to post a link from there to here.

    A better way to start a discussion about your problem would be to say any ideas you have come up with. Since you are interested enough to ask the question, I'm assuming you are interested enough to have thought about it. Are there other times that exceptions might be thrown, and how common are they - how common in code could they occur, how common in practice do they occur? (ArithmeticException comes to mind.)

    Also it would be good to know what you've done to examine what has already been said about this. What has Google turned up? Is there any discussion of this in Oracle's Tutorial? If you have come across points that people have made that seem relevent but you are unclear what they meant, then quote/link and ask about them.
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