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    Default reference to elements in array

    I'm working with a username system that retrieves every ID and sees if there is a name attached to that specific ID. Since the great majority of ID's does not have a name attached to it, it takes quite some unnecessary time. To prevent this, I'd like to try the following:

    int [] usedIDs = {1,6,34,69,306,486 etc...};

    for (int i = 0; i < usedIDs.length; i++) {

    and then, to from there on handle the IDs that are filled as just an integer.
    So something like:

    int usedID = usedIDs[1];
    int usedID = usedIDs[2];

    Which of course doesn't really work. So I want it to, with increments by one, go through every instance of usedIDs[n] and pass that simple integer on to the rest of the program.
    I suspect I need another loop somewhere, but anyone have any concrete ideas on how to fix this?


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    Hey try to use HashMap , put your id as a key and value as what u want

    Then whenever the id comes in , you can easily pick up from the hashmap

    Hope this fix your issue , this way u can reduce loops

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