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    Default Cannot convert from char to String error

    Still working on my hangman program from yesterday (Thanks Shoeninja for help!)

    I re-did a bunch of it to include global variables and such

    here is the method I am still having problems with:
    BuildWord is a global string variable with the value " " (8 spaces). the loop compares your 1-char guess with all 8 characters of a randomly chosen 8-letter word. What buildword does is keep track of the word you've guessed so far. So say the word is aardvark, and you guess "a" I want buildword set to "aa a ", using cnt from the for loop to replace the appropriate spaces.

    "String tempword = BuildWord.charAt(cnt)" is where I am getting the cannot convert from char to string error.

    Java Code:
    public static void compare ()
    BuildWord="        ";
    for (int cnt=0;cnt <=7; cnt++)
    {//begin for
    	String templetter = guessedletter;
    	String tempword = BuildWord.charAt(cnt)
    	//compares your one character guess to every character of the wordchosen
            if (guessedletter.charAt(0) == wordchosen.charAt(cnt))
             tempword = templetter;
    }//end for


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    Java Code:
    String tempword = BuildWord.charAt(cnt)
    You are trying to assign a character to a string variable. (And you seem to forget ; at the end of the statement.)

    Try this:

    Java Code:
    String tempword = (new Character(BuildWord.charAt(cnt))).toString();

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